WeGanda Women Empowering Centre

WeGanda entails the co-creation of a sustainable multifunctional empowerment centres for Women in Uganda. The first WeGanda project entails the co-design and the co-construction of the centre in the district of Mpigi, 30 km from Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The project is running since November 2019 and a participatory empowerment and co-design workshop and public consultation had taken place in December 2019 and January 2020 based on which four main programs have been proposed by 46 women who attended the workshop. The project is also about the creation of Women and Child friendly spaces and will serve not only women but also their families and communities. WeGanda is as well a learning, training process for women as it involves trainings and building capacity programs during the project implementation that will develop the team skills and knowledge as well as projects ideas. The participatory and collaborative approach is applied in all project phases to increase the sense of ownership among women and to empower them through its development and implementation phases. The proposed model of WeGanda project aims to support women and girls to find a centre where they belong to and to build a strong sustainable and resilient community.

WeGanda Centre Mpigi

WeGanda Mpegi Is a multifunctional self-organised empowerment and innovation centre for, with and by women. The centre aims to support women to face and deal with their daily life challenges as well as to get support and expertise to develop their own SME’s and increase their chances for employment. Our approach is based on open collaboration and participation for foster Co-creation and togetherness. WeGanda offers woman and child friendly spaces. The centre will not serve only women but also their families and communities.

Co-Design & Co-build

To co-design and co-build with women a sustainable and child friendly women empowering centre

Enabling platform

To offer an enabling platform and positive environment that supports them in their trainings period and encourage them to develop innovative solutions and business ideas.


To offer a temporary shelter for Women in distress and to give them the needed emotional and psychological support while helping them to be more independent and resilient and have a new promising start in life.


The centre includes child-friendly places and facilities where children can be in a safe playful and educational environment while being close to their mothers.

> 45 women

Participatory Workshops to empower