WeGanda Project made "By", "With" and "For" Women

Because we envision a sustainable centre where women can make decisions for the change they want to see, it is crucial to give women the future users and beneficiaries of the centre the space to design and participate from phase I and to engage within the project process. Together, and through several participatory design workshops and public consultations, we will be planning, designing and innovative yet empowering centre for all women and young girls in Uganda.

Our Women Priorities

Hi ! I am Stella.

I was a sustainable constructor before becoming a certified lobbyist from the Advocacy Academy in Sweden. I am today a business consultant and mentor at Social Innovation Academy (SINA). I do believe that empowering women is a must today. Women in Uganda and all over the world need to be supported, encouraged and be given the tools and instruments to succeed and have a better life. WeGanda is my dream becoming true.

Hi ! I am Insaf

I am an architect and urban planner. I do believe of the important role of women in building strong and resilient communities. Education and knowledge are the main tools to empower women. Architecture is a strong tool to empower communities. Women and children need a safe and inspiring spaces and place to learn and develop their skills, and also where they can find a community that cares about them and their wellbeing. WeGanda is the “Home” for all women and girls in Uganda.