WeGanda Programs and Services

Her.Social Innovation Incubator

Our centre includes a social innovation hub where women can have access to formal and informal education as well as tailored modules for trainings. It is a learning, training and incubator hub for women and girls. It involves trainings and building capacity programs to develop their skills and knowledge besides the different innovative and creative projects to be incubated within the centre.

We.Her Wellbeing space

Our centre includes a mental and physical health unit open 24Hrs, 7/7 as well as a shelter where women and their children can find a peaceful refuge and high qualified professionals for support and assistance.

We.Child and Family Hub

WeGanda is a child friendly space that aims to support Women and Girls to find a place where they can be safe, have their children close by, learn and develop their innovative buisiness. Family is one of the main priorities highlighted by women during the different focus groups.


We.EcoLodge for sustainable operation of WeGanda, we provide one of a kind, conducive sleeping spaces in a serene environment. It is a sustainable green building for wellbeing and meditation designed to be environmentally responsible.